Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bike Park Landscaping Day 10-10-09

Saturday morning started off cold and snowy. But that didn't stop a group of dedicated volunteers from showing up at 8am with one goal in mind - get as many trees and shrubs in the ground as possible in one day!

The day was made possible because of the tremendous community support for this project. Our warmest thanks go out to the following who made it happen with their generous donations:

Josh Thulin / The Arbors Nursery - All 60 of the Trees & Shrubs, compost, and backhoe
Harmony Design - Landscape Plan and on-sight execution by Randy Blough
Valley Lumber - Mini-ex to dig the holes
Grand Teton Brewing Company - Forklift and head Brewer, Marks, to unload the trees
Trail Creek Nursery - Skidsteer and operator to load trees
Teton Timberframe - Skidsteer, flat bed trailer to haul trees, and Adam's strong back
City of Victor - Site prep and topsoil
Power's Excavation - Flat bed trailer to haul trees with
Mike Bessette from Frontier Landscaping - Full day of equipment operation and manual labor
Jay & Tracey Petervary - A full day of help from Victor's newsest residents
Mike Piker - Coming over from Jackson to help out
Jeremy Besbiris - Tree planting and process building
Victor Velo - Dave Byers & Scott Fitzgerald spearheading the operation
Fresh Cut Deli - Keeping us fed
Teton Mountain Ranch - Topsoil courtesy of Stephen Bagley

At the end of the day we planted almost 50 plant units! We'll be back at it Tuesday to finish off the job. If you have time to help please come on by. If you have any watering resources please let us know as the irrigation is off but we would like to soak the trees before winter.

Mike with Frontier Landscaping digs the first holes before the trees arrived

The crew unloads the first of many trees off Power's Excavation's Trailer

Jay and Mike taking a pass off from Marks

The first tree is in!

Randy surveying his handy work as Josh drops the steamy compost

Stephen Bagley surprised us with a load of topsoil from Teton Mountain Ranch

Adam Riley hauled massive trees with the Teton Timberframe trailer

The park started to take on the look of a Grove

Marks and others worked into the darkness making sure the shrubs would stay warm over the next few nights

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Victor Bike Park Needs your help!

Now that we have had our Grand Opening celebration, we sat down and did a bit of accounting to see where we stand. As you know, Victor Velo the non-profit organization that built the Bike Park. No City money was used for this project. However, now that the dust has settled, we need to do a bit more fundraising to cover the expenses of the project.

It total we have raised $5500 but have budget shortfall of $3500.

There is a beautiful new sponsor board at the park for any person or organization who donates more than $500.

But, we have also had a handful of $250 donations from avid users. Even small donations go a long way. I hope you can support this project too so we can start planning phase 2 - Wooden Skills features!

Ride On!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Grand Opening Celebration Sat Aug 22nd

A great letter from a parent

"The girls (Mariela and Anneli) have been RIPPING UP the bike park and Willis went with us one day and was inspired to ride his two-wheeler for the very first time! I had tears in my eyes watching M and Anneli- they truly have never given it a thought that there are things that girls can't/shouldn't do. They would zip right up and go right in front of the older boys standing there ho-ing and humming about what they were gonna do. It's a really special place. Thanks to all involved. Hope it makes you feel better about all the work you have been doing. xo. Sue"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

check this out!

360 degree picture of the bike park!

check it out

Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick Update

We had a great turnout on Sunday and accomplished a ton. Monday was mostly fine-tuning but a major upgrade happened on the dirt jump start hill thanks to the Victor Public Works crew and their shiny front loader.

Our new bike park rocks!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Victor Bike Park Day 2

Where once there was nothing now sits a Bike Park! We made huge gains yesterday and accomplished more than I thought was possible in one day. I'll get photos up soon, but first a big thanks to the following people who really stepped up yesterday:
Pete Linville and Colin - GreenNeck Excavating
Scott Golden - Victor Pubilc Works
Harlan and Clay - Teton Freedom Riders
Hondo Miller - High Range Designs
Dave Byers - Athlete 360
Jay Hoots - Running the Mini Ex until WAY past dark!
Dave Bergart - Victor City Councilman
Amy, Taylor, Kenny - the Future of the Victor Bike Park.

OK, no time for blogging, there's work to be done!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 1 of Givn'r

Every delay possibly was thrown at us yesterday by the airlines but no big surprise there right!? The funniest though was the broken gas main in jackson on the way back from the airport! Classic! So we didn't get going until 7pm, but that didn't stop Jay Hoots and Councilman Johnny Ziem from Givn'r! We moved almost all the intial dirt into place after the mad scientist (Jay Hoots) quickly spray painted the layout.
We'll be at it again today starting at 8am.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Travel Delay

Jay Hoots' flight was delayed so it looks like we will not be on sight tonight until 5:30pm. Hope to still get a bunch done tonight though...

Grant Award

We just found out that we were awarded a Grant of $1000 from the Community Foundation of Teton Valley for the Victor Bike Park!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Victor Bike Park Construction Begins Thursday!

The blank canvas

Here's a schedule of events for the next 5 days.

If you would like to help, you are welcome any or all of the days. However, it looks like Sat and Sun will be the days when hand tools will come into play the most. Not sure how this will progress exactly, so stay tuned!

What to Bring:
Gloves, Sunscreen, Water, Shovels (Flat), Rakes (sturdy), Hat, Snacks

Jay Hoots arrives
Dirt is moved into place with Loaders / Skid Steers
2pm - til dark?

Loader and Excavator begins initial shaping
8am - 5pm

Skid Steers / Mini Ex Continue shaping
Volunteers begin shaping with hand tools
8am - 5pm

Skid Steers / Mini Ex Continue shaping
Volunteers shape with hand tools
8am - 5pm

Final Work Day
Details - TBD